Storefront & Landscape Improvement Program

The City of Mandan offers a Downtown Storefront Improvement Program. The source of support for the program is the Mandan Growth Fund with applications considered on a first come, first served basis to the extent that funding is available. Use the link below to download the program guidelines and application form. You may also contact the Mandan Business Development Office at 667-3485 or send an e-mail.

The City launched the program for the downtown core and fringe areas in 2006 to add momentum to the central business district revitalization process by offering matching funds to downtown businesses and commercial properties owners for improvements to the exterior of buildings on street-facing sides.

A total of 40 commercial projects have been completed with nearly $500,000 awarded as matching funds for more than $1.9 million in improvement projects.

Storefront funds are provided in the form of a maximum $30,000 forgivable loan for up to 50 percent of the investment in rehabilitating a building façade. Up to $60,000 may be considered for a corner building depending upon the extent of the project and the amount of surface wall to be renovated. The interest-free loans are pro-rated and forgiven over the course of five years contingent on project completion and the building and improvements remaining intact during this period.

The boundaries for the program are downtown core and fringe districts as defined by Mandan Municipal Code 105-4-2.1 and 105-4-2.2.

Qualifying improvements must be to areas visible from the public right of way and may include architectural services, replacement of exterior finishes, reconfiguring entrances, installation of automatic doors, door and window replacement, awnings, lighting, paint, signs and landscaping. Program participation requires an automatic door on at least the building's main entrance.